WELCOME to the 8th MEGWARE HPC User Meeting



The MEGWARE HPC User Meeting is a symposium for high performance computing.

Organised by the German supercomputing manufacturer MEGWARE, it will take place for the eighth time in spring 2015. The event is exclusively addressed to decision makers from research, universities and industry.


The 8th MEGWARE HPC User Meeting will be carried out with the motto:



"Ein erfolgreiches Vierteljahrhundert MEGWARE HPC -

Rückblick und Zukunft"



Date:        Thursday, 7th May 2015

Location:  MEGWARE Headquarters in Chemnitz / Germany



An interesting series of lectures on current supercomputing issues from the economic, research and industrial sector awaits our guests again. Technological partners report on existing and future HPC technology and HPC users report on their experiences and current tasks, which need to be mastered. The objective is to enable an exchange of experiences, to establish best practices and to discuss new challenges concerning high performance computing.


All information regarding the conference can be found on the following pages.

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